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Are you in love with technology?

An ambitious innovator, problem solver and looking for a career in IT?

SCC is the UK’s largest independent IT company and we are looking for Britain’s brightest IT talent.

Steve Smith sent his CV to us several years ago and he’s now one of our senior network architects.

Steve joined SCC after graduating from university, eager for a career in the technology sector.

As a science and innovation specialist, IT had always been Steve’s passion and after spending an evening with SCC, he found the company – and the position – he’d been looking for.

Starting out on the service desk, it was not long before he was working for the company’s Enterprise Support Group and then in a senior management position as the lead design architect.

Follow in Steve’s footsteps and find out what SCC has to offer you.

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About SCC

SCC is looking for the brightest and best technology graduates as well as experienced professionals to help drive us forward.

We have developers, strategists and agile thinkers who manage infrastructure and cutting-edge digital projects. Here’s a few highlights about what we do:

Artificial intelligence and Big Data. As technology changes and develops, SCC is at the forefront of these developments, working with customers to turn collective ideas into reality. Discover how SCC is innovating and creating new products, technologies and future proof environments for customers to leverage AI and Big Data.

Virtual agent
Another innovation SCC has developed is the virtual agent, which is a robot that will help to organise meetings, take notes, pull action items and schedule follow-up meetings. Crucially, SCC’s virtual agent is standalone. It can take questions other than those of the service desk. So, importantly, it is a smart thinking robot, which is critical for customers looking for technology to solve diverse problems.

Internet of Things (IoT)
SCC’s work on smart cities and IoT can help organisations to understand everyday objects through connecting, interacting and exchanging data – and the potential in this is huge. Predictive elements in AI help cities analyse infrastructure issues and fix problems before they grow larger. By using IoT sensor technologies and real-time data, SCC builds comprehensive and accurate data sets that can be created and utilised by businesses and public organisations.

SCC’s data modernisation programme. Digital transformation is the driving force behind all successful organisations, with every new business initiative now underpinned by a technology programme. Find out more about SCC’s data centre modernisation programme, providing customers with the services they need for their digital futures.

SCC’s digital workplace programme. Workplace productivity is intimately linked with the emerging digital workplace, based on business priorities, processes and technology. Discover how SCC is using best-of-breed, cutting-edge technologies to create a digitally progressive office environment (See Knowledge Hub).

Enterprise Platforms. Enterprise Platforms encompass technologies where applications and processes can be developed and – importantly – where customer data can be stored, managed, maintained and analysed. Find out how SCC’s Enterprise Platform programme works with data centre technologies, which are the key building blocks for data storage solutions.

Business process management. Business process management helps organisations automate routine manual tasks, mobilise and draw on existing resources and enable self-service for customers. SCC’s business process consultancy service helps customers by connecting systems, people and business processes across the organisation, to operate a synchronised managed environment that delivers commercially successful results.

Cyber security. Cyber security involves controls, processes and technologies that protect data, systems and networks from criminal malware attacks. SCC’s pre-emptive cyber security model provides organisations with the confidence to build their cyber security strategies around potential vulnerabilities at the earliest stage of operations and throughout the business processes of their organisation.

If you’re excited about what we do, we would love to hear from you.

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SCC Careers

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