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  • Salary Sacrifice

    Our benefits make it easy for you to maintain a healthy work/life balance – and save a little bit of money along the way.





    The Bike Scheme is a Government backed initiative to enable employees to save up to 42% on the cost of a cycle and cycling safety accessories for the purpose of cycling to work. Employees pay for the bike through a Salary Sacrifice arrangement and are in effect hiring the bike from their employer, and paying for this through their gross or pre-taxed pay. They are able to make savings through lower Tax and National Insurance (NI) contributions.

    Mobile Phones

    You can now acquire the latest smart phone, whilst saving on income tax and National Insurance. Our mobile phone scheme allows you to pay for a new phone through 24 monthly payments deducted directly from your salary. So there is nothing to pay upfront.

    CVS Childcare

    As a parent, legal guardian or person with parental responsibility, the most valuable thing in your life is likely to be your children, and you’ve no doubt spent a great deal of time deciding on the carer to look after them whilst you’re at work. With the cost of caring for your children continually on the rise, you could save almost £78* a month by joining our childcare voucher scheme. That’s a saving of up to £933* a year, until your children are all grown up**.

    What’s more, if both you and your partner sign up to a childcare voucher scheme, you could benefit from even greater savings.

    *Subject to individual circumstances. Uses rates for the current tax year for a Basic rate tax-payer taking the full £243 allowance each month.

    **1 September following 15th birthday or 1 September following 16th birthday for children who are registered disabled.

    ***1 Uses rates for the current tax year for a Basic rate tax-payer taking the full £243 voucher allowance each month.

    Emergency Childcare

    Emergency childcare is a service designed to help working parents who experience a breakdown in care, whether it’s planned or not. For example:
    • An unexpected business meeting
    • A sick child unable to attend nursery
    • A school or nursery closure
    • A full-time nanny or childcare provider calling in sick.

    With emergency childcare you can enjoy total peace of mind from having a reliable backup in place. All parents who register are eligible for a 20% discount, whether you take childcare vouchers or not.