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    Name: Andrea Hoffman

    Job title: Recruitment Manager

    Joined SCC: 1998

    Overview of role: Manage a team of recruiters as well as manage my own portfolio of roles, ensure the process from start to finish for candidates is a positive one from a stakeholder’s perspective a thorough understanding of requirement and offering real value in delivering the right calibre of candidate dependent on skill requirement.

    What you look for in a candidate: I generally look for a professional approach, real appetite to deliver and exceed expectations, good work ethic.

    Top interview ‘Do’: Prepare for the interview, know what you want to get from the interview, sell yourself and substantiate this with examples written / accreditations etc.

    Top interview ‘Don’t’: Be late, don’t hold back sell yourself, don’t leave the interview thinking you have done enough ask for feedback the interview process is two sided.

    Why work for SCC: SCC offers Stability, growth, investment, opportunity real longevity and the ability to make a difference.







    Name: Malcolm Fry

    Job title: Recruitment Executive

    Joined SCC: 2013

    Overview of role: End to end recruitment process for SCC Business Units including Managed Services and Professional Services.

    What you look for in a candidate: People who can add value to the organisation. People who want to ‘get stuck in’ and challenge themselves outside of their comfort zone.

    Top interview ‘Do’: Your research – We don’t expect candidates to recite facts and figures from our website but a good understanding of SCC’s business, success stories etc. shows a good level of interest and commitment.

    Top interview ‘Don’t’: Be derogatory about your existing company and or colleagues. We want to hear positives not ‘moaning’.

    Why work for SCC: If you are willing to work hard and go that extra mile, SCC is a great vehicle for reward and advancing your career. Your input is encouraged and valued and you are not just ‘a number’ at SCC. There is a great team ethic here and the sense that we are all working together.