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  • Job Type: Permanent
    Location: Birmingham
    Job ID: 110375
    Company: SCC

    To provide Data Governance to SCC’s Operational business processes and ensuring that data standards, naming conventions and industry best practices are defined and maintained across operational / transactional systems.

    Working as part of SCC’s Service Management Governance function, the role will be to work with business stakeholders and owners of data to help define consistent standards for data formats, data definitions and then assist in maintaining data accuracy throughout its transactional lifecycle across toolsets.

    Main Duties of the Job:

    • Build relationships with stakeholders, Data Stewards, Data owners and data Analysts across the business
    • Assist in measuring data standards and adherence to data policies
    • Perform analysis via reporting tools that helps identify issues with data inaccuracies / missing data / erroneous data
    • Work with Business process Management and Data Analysts to define reporting requirements
    • Assist Data Owners establish the rules for maintaining standards across their functions
    • Manage “Active” contract data and recommend when contract data should be “Suspended”
    • Maintain common data standards across functions and any descriptors
    • Maintain glossaries of descriptors and definitions
    • Maintain Model Data, Data Mapping models and their definitions
    • Oversee access rules and agents access to data sources
    • Assist in the management of Enterprise Information Models ( EIM )
    • Participate and assist with providing feedback to Data Governance Steering groups
    • Provide Dashboards that detail progress on Data accuracy and improvement initiatives
    • Implement periodic reviews / audits at agreed frequencies for standard compliance
    • Track progress with any improvement to standards and processes.
    • Assist with any external compliance audits ( ISO 20,000 etc )
    • Ownership and resolution of internal and external stakeholder challenges and concerns
    • To ensure that all internal procedures are kept updated and comply with the required standards.
    • Utilise SCC automated systems and tools to facilitate streamlined processes.
    • Preparation of standard documents and procedures
    • General administration duties required in managing the functional operation.
    • Updating of the My SCC / SharePoint system as required/directed.
    • Distribution of new procedures / processes

    Skills, Knowledge and Experience:

    • Experience of working in an administrative / service role
    • Good spoken and written communication skills
    • Good maths skills
    • Excel spreadsheet knowledge
    • Some knowledge of data organisation / data models
    • Understanding of analysis / demonstration of interpreting data
    • Good organisational and Time Management skills
    • Good ‘people skills’, for working with a range of colleagues and Customers.
    • A professional manner
    • The ability to work to targets