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  • Job Type: Permanent
    Job ID: 87218
    Company: SCC

    The role of Head of Frameworks is ensure that SCC are successful in obtaining a place on the Public Sector Frameworks we bid for, writing content for the Bid, managing the relationships with new and existing Framework Authorities (typically Purchasing Consortia) within the Public Sector. Customer visits, On boarding of the Framework and to work with the Frameworks Commercial Manager to ensure compliance.

    The Frameworks are operated by multiple Framework Authorities whose activities may span the Public Sector or whose activities may be specific to a particular subsector (eg Health, Education, Police) or Region (eg Devolved Administration – Scotland, Wales) or Customer Grouping.


    • Main Duties of Job:



    • Maintaining an internal network, and relationships within SCC (and its associate businesses) spanning the portfolio
    • Maintaining an internal network with Vendor Partner management and partners
    • Understanding the range of technologies, solutions and services offered (and planned) by SCC
    • Maintaining an internal network with Public Sector sales and to understand Sector Management strategy, scope and the focus to be supported
    • Understanding the scope, obligations, KPI’s, SLA’s and where impacted, the Terms and Conditions
    • Being an integral member of the bid team taking input and building relationships with a variety of stakeholders typically comprising sales, marketing, product teams, finance, legal, commercial, delivery, vendors and third party subcontractors.
    • Maintaining an understanding of Public Sector Procurement
    • Identifying and maintaining communication with relevant Purchasing Consortia (or those Bodies that) may offer relevant Frameworks to support the Sector, Region or portfolio scope required by SCC
    • Identifying key associated information such as timescale, structure, planned scope/requirements/capabilities, competition
    • engaging in associated briefing and consultation activities (Industry Body, Sector, Framework Authority) of suppliers and customers
    • Maintaining an associated timetable of new and successor Framework activity
    • Be involved with sales throughout the bidding process including qualification and requalification of the bid.
    • Understanding and resolving complex technical, strategic and business issues, managing multi-work stream opportunities.
    • Take responsibility for completion of the bidding procees to acieve a successful outcome.
    • Upon successful award of a new Framework, the role requires take on and transition.
    • Create and enhance positive relationships with members of the Customer Engagement Team. Build an understanding of the types of bids they are working on and the content being created.


    • Skills, Knowledge & Experience:



    • Excellent verbal and written communication skills, rewriting content from contributors where necessary.
    • Capability to deliver winning, product and/or complex services Framework submissions, proactively identifying areas of improvement, including gap analysis and identification of weak responses.
    • Adhere to policy or regulations across all key governance areas including Commercial sign-off, Framework compliance and reporting.